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    What We Do

    We create tailored public engagement plans that combine new technology and grassroots marketing tools with best practices in public engagement to mobilize stakeholders and build long lasting community relationships.

    • We work with executives to improve their company or organization’s external affairs capabilities.
    • We design strategic public participation plans for earning and maintaining Social Licenses and permits through mutual gains.
    • We develop online and offline stakeholder engagement programs that transform allies into mobilized and persuasive advocates.
    • We build effective tools and strategies to facilitate transparent communication with local government officials, regulators, stakeholders, media outlets and communities.
    • We transform our clients’ employees and ambassadors into world class influencers that speak up and stand up on their behalf.

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    Who We Are

    Outreach Experts is made up of a growing team of agile and highly skilled professionals. While we are headquartered in Chicago, we have team members in Boston, Portland and Denver. We are the only consulting firm certified in public participation planning by the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2).

    • We are creators and communicators.
    • We are organizers and community builders.
    • We are educators and storytellers.
    • We are diplomats and representatives.
    • We are force multipliers.
    • We are Outreach Experts.

    Our team is enhanced by the Outreach Experts Network. Through the network, we are able to quickly identify and recruit additional experts, as needed, to achieve our clients’ objectives across the country.

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    Why We Work

    At Outreach Experts, our mission is to help businesses and organizations become better community members, neighbors and citizens.

    We work for companies and organizations who want to create lasting relationships-developed credibly through mutuality and understanding-with their stakeholders and the local communities they intersect with. We help our clients by:

    • Building bridges of communication between them and the people and groups potentially affected by their decisions.
    • Recommending strategies and tools that are responsive to the interests and concerns of community stakeholders.
    • Integrating public participation into their decision-making processes.
    • Advocating for decisions that are based on mutually beneficial gains.

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