Our Approach

We begin with listening. We engage with curiosity and enthusiasm. We lead with empathy and integrity. That is why our approach helps organizations create meaningful relationships with stakeholders that deliver real value to the enterprise.


  • Develop an Understanding

    We begin with listening because understanding is the foundation for effective communication and public buy-in. That is why the first step in our process is collecting real-world data from the communities you, our client, intersect with and your stakeholders.

    We use a wide variety of tools from field research and community listening sessions to needs assessments and online surveys. During this process, we identify key stakeholders and learn the needs, concerns and values of their communities.

  • Create a Strategy

    We use the insights we gain to develop a comprehensive engagement plan. Whether we are helping an energy company earn community support for a new project or working with a labor union to increase membership, we formulate a plan with strategies and tactics customized for those particular stakeholders and communities.

    Every plan we formulate has its own unique mix of elements: digital improvements, social media engagement, public and stakeholder education, grassroots mobilization and government affairs, to name a few. We are known for developing strategies that combine traditional methods of outreach with new technology.

  • Execute and Implement

    Once the strategy is formulated, our team can take the lead or work collaboratively with your public relations and external affairs team to execute it. We will ensure that each member of your team knows how the strategy aligns with your objectives and what role they can play in it.

    Our team has the capacity to deliver every level of the plan: from developing interactive websites and apps to creating email and social media campaigns to coordinating door-to-door canvassing and community events. We have the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and needs to meet your objectives.