Outreach Experts is a full-service public affairs and external relations firm with a focus on stakeholder engagement, public participation and inclusion of marginalized and excluded groups.

We are force multipliers. We are stakeholder engagement experts. We are organizers and community builders. We are educators and storytellers. We are diplomats and representatives.

We are Outreach Experts.

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  • Energy Infrastructure
  • Labor Unions
  • Transmission Lines
  • Associations
  • Renewable Energy
  • Public Sector

Involving the public in decisions can be tricky whether you are a nonprofit, governmental agency or business. If you have any experience with it, you know that even a public project that seem uncontroversial to your team can ignite public outrage or attract a crowd of protestors. Having public engagements experts on your team who know how to create a successful public participation plan can turn this headache into an asset.

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