"When we lead with what we want, often we don’t get what we need. We recognize that before we can be heard we must listen. This key insight drives the way we engage the public and the type of advice we give our clients."




Organizations and companies today need partners who can help them objectively see through controversy and emotion so that they can create meaningful relationships and valuable partnerships with the communities they intersect. Our work with the public and clients is akin to a servant – leader model influencing our relationships with communities and the stakeholders we engage on our clients’ behalf so that we can move past controversy.

We work for companies and organizations who want to enhance the way they engage and work with the communities they intersect.

We work for companies and organizations that want to create best in class community engagement programs that enhance their brands and duties.

We work for companies and organizations that want to create lasting relationships with their stakeholders built on good faith, mutual understanding and consideration.

We work for companies and organizations that must engage the public as part of public processes where earning and maintaining social license is essential to the enterprise or the endeavor.


Outreach Experts is a full service outreach and engagement shop with a proficiency in technology integration and a passion for innovating with mobile applications built to integrate all forms of contact online and off.

We help our clients build respect and trust in the communities they serve by helping them recognize others’ perspectives while ensuring that their perspectives are shared effectively.

We help our clients develop systems and processes that enable them to deliver transparency and timely information to their stakeholders and the communities they intersect.

We help our clients ensure their employees and representatives who face the public become world class ambassadors for their products, brands and industry.


Outreach Experts team of experts collaborates with existing teams; builds and leads teams when necessary and represents its clients as ambassadors in the field and online.

We find our purpose knowing:

Our work helps companies and organizations integrate better and more effectively engage their neighbors through stakeholder engagement best practices.

Our work is centered around transforming our clients’ internal and external allies into persuasive advocates for their projects or products.

Our work results in authentic advocacy – real people and organizations adding their voice and influence to your cause whether it be economic or non-profit focused.

Our approach enhances public participation and is engineered to enable our clients to engage stakeholders and the public in ways previously considered difficult or risky.


Outreach Experts are external affairs strategists. We are stakeholder engagement experts.  We are organizers and community builders. We are educators and storytellers. We are diplomats and representatives. We are Outreach Experts.

Even though the founding members of the Outreach Experts team are brothers, we all feel like family. Through managing campaigns, organizing communities, tackling engagement challenges and engaging stakeholders our paths began to cross, and over time, we became a team.

Outreach Experts work is led by the experts below. Our work is enhanced by the Outreach Experts Network which helps us identify and engage the experts needed to help our clients achieve their objectives all across the country.



Founder and Chief Engagement Officer

Jay is a management consultant and corporate citizen coach who advises organizations and businesses on effectively engaging the public and their stakeholders in a world transforming from enhanced connectivity.   His core expertise is developing online and offline stakeholder engagements programs for businesses and organizations who must convert key organizational and external stakeholders into meaningful and persuasive advocates.   More than anything, he is an Outreach Expert.

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Don has a passion for engagement.  His organizational and project management experience has helped him grow into a talented young professional that knows how to develop meaningful relationships that deliver results for clients. Whether convincing a person to register to vote or managing a development team to ensure a project meets its goals, Don has consistently brought a level of enthusiasm and dedication to every endeavor which has translated into many successful outreach programs. 

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General Counsel & Regulatory Affairs

Luke Webster has worked on countless referendum and individual candidate campaigns. After managing campaign field operations in over 20 states for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and field training for various political action committees, Luke obtained his legal degree from the University of New Hampshire Law School. Following admission to the New Hampshire Bar, Luke entered private practice with a focus on land use, real estate and corporate law.  His passion is connecting with people and helping their voices be heard.

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Copy Writer

Erin Gibb is the Copy Director for the Outreach Experts team. She leads all copywriting projects for the local and national institutions that make up the Outreach Experts client list. Prior to joining Outreach Experts, Erin had fifteen years of experience working in government relations, public policy, and community affairs. For more than a decade, she traveled the country organizing outreach campaigns, exploring business development opportunities, and crafting messaging for multi-million dollar development projects, hospitals, solar companies, wind energy companies, shopping centers, and various community redevelopment projects.

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Creative Director

Working as a senior designer on a litany of national campaigns  across the country over the course of a 13 year career,  Russell is a creative product of the political  world.  Growing as a professional in an environment of rapid decisions and increasingly critical deadlines, he takes pride in delivering the impossible.  His passion lies in discovery and appreciation of art and history.  Working and living in the beautiful City of Chicago has only bolstered his love of design and culture.  Taking inspiration from the blue collar ethic and charming wit of his fellow workers, Russell enjoys bringing a touch of heart and soul to his work, and loves to share that with each of his clients and their projects.

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Team Coordinator

Jaime Fisher is the Team Coordinator here at Outreach Experts. Her creative ambitions and administrative experience helps ensure that we are consistently successful toward our common goals. By it’s nature Outreach Experts is a fast moving, multi-directional company and Jaime ensures that all parts are running smoothly together. Born and raised in the Chicago area, the city has lead Jaime to appreciate the melting pot of communities and opportunities around every corner. She’s very excited to be a part of a company that takes that appreciation and runs with it.

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Director of Communications & Research

Cheryl develops copy, executes research projects and helps keep the team focused on the daily needs of our diverse client base. Outside the office, she is a sports junkie, biking/long-distance walking enthusiast and storyteller who dabbles in playwriting, screenwriting and fiction. A graduate of Indiana University Bloomington, her passion is using the power of language to engage communities and influence positive change. She is thankful to have found that at Outreach Experts. 

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Organizer and Data Analyst

Casey, a University of Illinois alum and Chicago native, comes from a diverse background of candidate campaigns, policy advocacy, and nonprofit development. His passion is managing campaigns, outreach programs, and organizing for action. Outreach Experts’ clients create an opportunity to tackle campaigns from many angles and perspectives.  Variety being the key ingredient in both his work life and personal life. Catch Casey performing music at a house show, playing ball at Union Park, or biking by you in rush hour traffic.

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