Research Analyst & Community Psychologist

Phyllis Timpo is the person that you want on your team when you have a controversial project or need an expert research analyst. She knows how to comb through dense data to pull out crucial insights. She can bring the voices that you need to hear to the table and facilitate constructive dialogue. She wears all of these hats at Outreach Experts.

She is a trained community psychologist with experience managing research projects, workshops, and large organized events. She has fostered deep relationships with community organizations and community stakeholders on behalf of research groups. Her work has been fueled by a passion for supporting community develop and public participation in urban minority communities. She cares about increasing capital in minority groups.

She has a Master of Science in Psychology of Public Interest from North Carolina State University. She has been published in the Journal of Addictive Behaviors, The Community Psychologist and Journal of Mental Health