Outreach & Engagement Specialist

Lindsey Jacobs is our resident renaissance woman. She’s a master of logistics, marketing and relationship management. Whether you need a flawlessly executed event, a creative strategy to authentically engage your stakeholders, or an effective communicator to put out a fire, she can do it.  

She has coordinated seamless events for universities and Fortune 500 clients. She’s trained and managed brand ambassadors and leaders in the Midwest and East Coast. She’s managed print marketing projects that returned a high ROI month after month. She’s developed SEO web content that’s boosted organic Google results for established and emerging brands.

She has used her relationship management skills to build bridges of communication between internal and external partners and improve cooperation. She has managed public outrage and taught staff how to effectively communicate with the public.

What gets her out of bed in the morning is the opportunity to help organizations connect with communities in a meaningful way. She is also passionate about reducing sexual harassment in the workplace by equipping manager with tools and strategies to create safe and inclusive workspaces.